Mind blown by how easy you’re making my life already. That is all.
— Tricia C., Psychic, Empath, Animal Communicator
Charissa has been so much help!! She has a great attitude, is full of ideas and resources, and is damn good at what she does. Things have been extremely busy at Coach Social in recent months, but Charissa has helped me keep it all together. She’s a great team member. I recommend her with a full heart. Thank you, Charissa!
— Sophia P, Social Media Coach
Doctor visits, car repairs, hair appointments, pediatrician appointments – I don’t have to call about anymore. When I’m not sure how to tackle a project, she is great at making suggestions to make things flow smoother; I feel more able to tackle projects with her on my team.
— Marilyn B, Pediatric Dentist and Mom of 2
She is the best decision I’ve ever made.
— Sam E, Venture Capitalist
I can’t believe how fast you’ve taken to everything. You are a dream.
— William J, Film Producer
Thank you for everything! You are seriously amazing to work with!
— Justine S, Affiliate Marketing Guru
You have helped this all run so smoothly and efficiently. Thank you so, so much.
— Andrew B, Entrepreneur
I so enjoy working with you! You are so helpful!
— Vivian C., Doctor, Author, Mother of 6
You’ve been really helpful! You really met me at my worst and it didn’t phase you. I don’t think I could have managed everything without you. Thank you a million!
— Katie Q., Wardrobe Stylist