You know you need some better processes, because your business is starting to break down. Things are falling through the cracks. You are feeling like you're spinning your wheels. Business feels like a chore, and you're on the verge of burnout. 

You want to hire a VA, but don't know if the cashflow is there yet. And you don't know how to delegate things effectively. You hear about all the tools, tech tips, systems, apps, and more... but it's overwhelming. You need to cut through the chaos and actually get things done. 

You feel paralyzed. You want help, but you don't know where to start.
I do.

I've worked with hundreds of clients, businesses, busy boss babes, and CEOs to get their work and personal lives to play nice. It's what lights me up the MOST in this world -- getting people back their time. You deserve to play, to explore, to adventure... not to be checking email while you're on the toilet. (For real. I've seen it all.)

In my five years of being a Process Expert, I've seen lives change. My clients have time for their kids. They have time to read books. They go on vacations without checking email. Really. They live their ideal schedule, without worrying about things falling through the cracks. 

The keys?
Processes + Systems. They do the heavy lifting for you. They work 24/7 on your behalf.

Systems are the key to you taking back your life. They're what stands between you and your free time. They're the bridge to having your schedule work for you, not the other way around. Processes give you boundaries, so you don't work all the time, burnout, and end up sick, stressed, tired, and over it

Getting the right tools, workflows, and integrations set up will be what sets you free again.  
Systems are my first language.

We spend 90 minutes together, either in person in Phoenix, or over Zoom/Skype. We go through your most pressing needs, what is NOT working for you. I hear about what you want,  what you dream about, and we talk about what I can do to help. I'm full of strategies, ideas, and systems for fixing it, no matter what the problem is.

Then, I spend 90 minutes setting up your systems, and filming training videos for you (and your future team) teaching you how to work them! You own the passwords, accounts, and systems... I just set them up for you. You get to borrow my systems brain without paying for a VA on retainer.

I actually set it up for you. 
I do the leg work.

What kind of systems can I set up?

Here are some examples. Imagine if...

  • Important emails are automatically flagged with a color in Gmail, so that you know what to focus on.
  • Each morning you get a single email with your daily schedule for the day ahead.
  • Your coaching clients automatically get their questionnaire when they register for their package. And if it's delayed getting back to you, your system automatically emails them a reminder. 
  • You want to email your customers but email marketing programs make you want to pull your hair out. Not anymore. 
  • You batch client work in chunks, making time each day for what makes you happy -- hiking, swimming, dates, drinks with friends, a new book, a fun class... you name it. 
  • You have the infrastructure to support a team when you're ready. They'll have training videos ready to go. If you already have a team, I can train them on the parts of your business that give them productivity hiccups. 
  • You build a waitlist automatically, keeping the clients waiting to work with you ready and excited for your services.
  • You have all of your notes in ONE place, searchable, and sharable for your friends, coaches, mentors, and team.
  • You get a text message with a congratulations every time you get paid. (Mine says, "Yeah, baby! You just got PAID!" 
  • The people you want to follow up with are... get this... actually followed up on, and the relationships are built solidly because no one slipped through the cracks. 
  • All the emails you want to respond to are ... wait for it... actually responded to. On time. In a way that honors your schedule and priorities. Yep.

Getting your processes and systems figured out are your keys to decreased stress.
Let's get them kicked off so that you can go have fun.

Let your life, calendar, business, and time work for you -- not the other way around.

What's it cost?


1 90-minute meeting (Phone/Video/in person) with Charissa to talk about your business, life, what's not working, and what is stressing you out. 

 1 90-minute Initial Systems Set Up - Charissa custom designs, architects, installs, tests, and fail-proofs a system for your most troubling issue, fixing the biggest thing causing you stress. Seriously.

Recorded video training on new systems + step-by-step use

Email support for you/your team for two weeks after our call

Complete ownership of data, systems, logins, accounts, passwords, and workflows


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What's next once you submit the above form?

  1. My rockstar team will email you within 48 hours, to get you on the schedule, get you an invoice, and answer any questions you have about connecting with me. 
  2. We send over a simple contract that says you own your systems, that you are in control of your business, and that you're ready to take your life back. It also says that we both show up to the call ready to go, that if either of us need to cancel, we give each other 24 hours notice. You sign, we sign, and the appointment is locked in my schedule. 
  3. We meet. We talk through all the things you want to change about your life, business, and everything in-between.
  4. I spend 90 minutes in the 5 days following our call, getting your system set up for the thing that's troubling you the most.  I set it up, it works, and your stress starts to decrease. I film videos teaching you how to do, use, and work everything, from logging in, to using your system, to making changes once you grow.
  5. I email you a Dropbox file with your videos, and a file of logins and passwords created for you, which you can share with your team, if you'd like. 

Time to show your biz who the boss is.