Copy-editing and Proofreading: editing blog posts, reviewing press releases, looking over Christmas letters to make sure you didn’t misspell anything, editing your business marketing materials

Data Entry: mileage reports, compiling spreadsheets, organizing client/patient/customer files electronically 

Email Processing: organizing your inbox so that you only see what’s important, writing back on your behalf (ghostwriting), or looping myself in to help schedule/clarify/coordinate/etc

Incoming Calls: I can answer phones on your behalf using Google Voice, during normal office hours 

Outbound Phone Calls: calling to check on lost luggage, making sure your package got delivered, if your favorite Sephora product is in stock, and finding out if your favorite restaurant delivers

Presentation Formatting: looking over all the details and aesthetic of your slides and content, making sure that what you’re presenting makes sense, helping you to create a presentation that clearly communicates your goals, ideas, and vision

Purchases: anything you need shipped to your home or office, grocery delivery, dry cleaning pick up, amazon purchases, even dinner delivered to your front door 

Research Tasks: best restaurants while you’re traveling in a new city, which events/ballets/plays are in town, gift research for last-minute, I-forgot-tomorrow-is-my-Sister’s-birthday emergencies 

Reservations: dinner with friends, dates with your special someone, tickets to the game, spa days, activities for the kids, or even a lunch with colleagues

 An example calendar appointment -- this is for a flight to Seattle!

Scheduling: complete calendar management through google drive, included in your calendar appointments will be phone numbers, URLs, directions, a map of the surrounding area, and any other pertinent information. I’ll also add your applicable guests to the calendar event if you'd like. See the photo? That's a typical calendar appointment for a flight. I love detail -- and the more you have available, the less unprepared you'll feel. 

Social Media Management: schedule Facebook posts, manage likes and comments, post tweets on your behalf, answering messages, and helping to keep your pages up to date. I'll also help you find articles to queue, royalty free photos for blog posts and tweets, and help grow your accounts by interacting for you on your social media!

Travel Booking and Reservations: booking travel arrangements per your specifications, using your airline accounts and point/reward systems, researching flight prices, searching for the perfect hotel, changing reservations, tracking down lost luggage, and I even will get you set up on TripIt's scheduling and integration platform if you'd like. (So many of my clients love it!)