Have effective relationships with your team.

You're building a business and sacrificing your sanity, well-being, and personal life, because work is taking over. You are busy, overwhelmed, and frustrated -- and there's no end in sight. You are worried about handing off anything to someone else because it means taking time to train them, yet another thing on your to-do list. 

Delegation Discovery is an exclusive video training that walks you through:

  • 5 steps to delegate anything on your to-do list, no matter how complex
  • the most common pitfalls to delegating
  • the myth of control
  • how to work successfully with a virtual assistant or other team member
  • how to get out of your own way
  • the easy way to train your team so that you don't have to repeat yourself

You deserve to be able to breathe. You deserve to have fun in your business again -- and to spend more time with your friends and family. You deserve to feel clear, calm, and passionate about your business. 

Instead, you're losing your sanity. You are feeling overwhelmed -- almost to the point of breakdown. The lack of boundaries between you and your clients are ruining any personal time you do have, and because you're afraid to step on toes, you don't say anything. 

Bottom line: you're starting to resent your job.

No more answering email at 11pm. 

No more giving clients access to you 24/7. 

No more overwhelm. 

Trade your resentment for:

  • deadlines that you set, and stick to with ease
  • more free time for friends and family, a yoga class, or a vacation
  • better relationships with clients, your team, and your assistant
  • more time for yourself
  • more creativity and time to brainstorm
  • spontaneous days off without worrying about clients or projects
  • only checking your email once or twice a day
  • only doing things that totally, completely light you up


Charissa Moore is known as the Virtual Assistant that helps busy entrepreneurs turn their chaos into calm. She teaches every one of her clients how to delegate effectively, banish overwhelm, and kick resentment to the curb. It's time your business worked for you -- not the other way around. 

Delegation Discovery is closed.

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