What to Delegate to a Virtual Assistant

The question I get asked most often:

What kind of things do you do for your clients?

It’s one of my favorite topics, because each day is different for each client. The tasks that I do for each client vary between their projects and deadlines.

This gives me such a fun working environment and it’s why I love doing what I do. I’m often "on my toes", and serving clients in different ways.

Here’s a quick list of the last few tasks I’ve done for my clients this week. This allows you to see real life examples of the things people have delegated to me!

  • Editing and proofreading a welcome packet, designed to welcome clients into a therapy practice.

  • Adding dates for school inservice days to a family calendar

  • Loading social content (tweets and Facebook posts) into Hootsuite

  • Data Entry - updating a patient spreadsheet with contact information and appointment dates

  • Texting patients to confirm appointments and check up on their post-appointment state

  • Sort through email inboxes (file emails and respond to general requests)

  • Switching first draft blogs for edited versions in Wordpress

  • Adding deadlines in client’s calendar

  • Checking in with a customer of a client about an overdue invoice

  • Updated continuing education credits in a spreadsheet

  • Send invoice to a client’s customer

  • Cross-post an Instagram post to client’s Facebook business page

  • Fill out an insurance form for a client’s medical practice

  • Cancel a Doctor appointment for a client’s child

  • Add emails to a Mailchimp list

  • Proofread blog posts and add drafts to Wordpress

Each assistant will have boundaries around what they will and will not do for a client. Make sure to communicate these before you hire someone, so that you’re both on the same page! It's awful to hire too early before this conversation. 

Some assistants don’t do personal tasks. These are things like arranging pickup of dry cleaning, or organizing a daycare schedule. Some assistants prefer working only on the professional side of things. For example: keeping your work schedule managed and your work email balanced. This is up to the assistant’s preference -- make sure everyone’s on the same page when hiring. 

Being a master delegator is important, and it’s something that will come with time. If you’re having trouble delegating, get your assistant on the phone. Sometimes talking through things in the moment can spur ideas of what to delegate. (I love doing this with my clients! I set a recurring weekly call with them to make sure I’m getting things off of their plate.)

What’s one thing you could delegate to an assistant right now, to save yourself sanity and time?