Not Me -- We!

Growing a team is a crucial piece of growing any business, no matter the industry. 

Often, it's the piece that experiences the most frustration and stress. As a VA, I get to watch CEOs of high-performing law firms, venture capital companies... and even film production studios hire people to grow their businesses. There's nothing like finding the perfect person to fill the space you need, and then watching them grow and flourish in that space.

We are in a season of growth too! 

This week I'm wrapping up interviews to build out our VA team here. (Did you know we've been a team of four for almost a year?) I've been talking over Skype with creative, detailed, personable people who want to help CEOs, solopreneurs, busy moms, and over-scheduled execs have an easier, happier, calmer life. It is amazing. I'll be adding hand-picked, whip-smart assistants to join our team.

We have a waitlist of nearly a hundred people that want to work with us -- and up until now, they'd have had to wait until August 2017. I'm happy to say that that wait is shortening by 9 months. We'll have open client spaces available in just a few weeks. (You can find out exactly when by entering your email address here.) 

If you're looking for an assistant, the wait is almost over.

I'm committed, as the visionary, CEO, and leader of this team to make sure that we are ready to jump in and save you from the stress. We are ready to turn your chaos into calm.

We've been operating as a team for nearly a year, and it's time to go bigger and better. I'll have more information on who the team is, and more about us, coming here. In the meantime, you'll notice a lot of the website changing from me to we -- because this is a team effort. 

I am so excited to see what the future holds.

From me, and the rest of the CMVA team, we are so happy to have you joining us on this exciting new chapter. 

To teamwork, synergy, and growth,