4 Ways to Provide Value to Any Client

One of our four core values is Value. Yes, you read that right. No, that’s not a typo. If we do nothing else, we must provide giant value to our clients otherwise we have no reason for doing what we do. 

Core Value 2
Our clients love that we are really, really good at what we do. We continue to amaze them each day with our attention to detail, quick turnaround, and white-glove service.

Providing giant value isn’t just about doing work on point and by deadline – that’s just a service, like having your tires rotated or getting a decent cup of coffee. No, we provide the kind of value that includes an extra shot of espresso and just the right amount of coconut milk. We don’t just do the job, we provide giant value in four ways.

First, we are an authority in this business. We are an authority not just because we are all naturally wonderful, although we tend to think we’re pretty awesome, but because we work hard to make ourselves an authority. We know that there will always be more to know and more to learn so we make sure we are always growing. We keep on top of trends in travel, technology, communication, and so much more. 

The moment you stop learning is the moment you stop growing. And the moment you stop growing you are no longer the authority your clients need. And our clients love that we are really, really good at what we do.

Second, we pay crazy attention to the details. The details come together when we truly understand and listen to our clients. We listen to their needs, knowing that sometimes what a client needs is spoken, while other times it’s written between the lines. We listen well to know exactly what they need, even if they aren’t sure how to explain it. 

But the listening doesn’t stop there. We also continue to listen to their feedback with a strategic approach. We have implemented a feedback survey system using Typeform to gather information about our clients' level of satisfaction. The survey system allows us to collect answers to specific questions and grade ourselves. 

Listening to feedback is humbling at times – we aren’t perfect. But without honest feedback and the ability to humbly listen to it, we would never know how to improve. A client isn’t always looking for perfection, but they do expect us to listen and grow with them. 
It’s only after a good amount of listening that we have the ability to, not just perform a job well done, but we are equipped to nail all the nitty-gritty details that come along the way. We always, always listen more than we talk. 

Third, We get the work done…fast! After all that listening, it’s time to work. And work we do. We work long and hard in order to provide great value at exceptional speed. But we make sure to never sacrifice quality for speed. The two are one and the same in our world. 

Our clients are fast-moving people so we are too. Sometimes that means simply working quickly. Other times it means being proactive rather than reactive. (See last week's post on initiative for that.) For example, as holidays or birthdays approach we may start brainstorming gift ideas even before they ask. Looking down the road to what may be needed is just as important to paying attention to the immediate and what is needed.

Finally, we love surprising our clients with white-glove service all the time and every time. One of our favorite ways to do this is by simply remembering that they are people with families and needs and deadlines of their own. They go to bed at night and wake up in the morning with the same basic human needs we have. 

So, we strive to remember birthdays, anniversaries, children’s names, health issues, allergies, their favorite food, and all the other details that make our clients human. And we let them know we care. Sending personalized birthday cards or remembering to ask them how their daughter’s dance recital went helps them to know that we truly care. We can’t picture our lives without our clients and we want them to feel the same about us.

After all, they aren’t just clients – they are a part of the team too.

Providing giant value is the most basic thing we can do here at Team CMVA; it is what keeps us ticking and growing. We are an authority in the industry, but we also know we aren’t perfect so we keep learning. We listen and listen well so we don’t miss any details. We deliver on our promises thoroughly and quickly. We show our clients that they matter to us as individuals and we love having them as part of our team too.