What Your VA Wants for Christmas

It’s no secret -- Virtual Assistants are often the ones shopping for (and shipping out) the holiday gifts for many CEOs. We often purchase family gifts, send holiday cards, and work on behalf of clients to create a little yuletide magic of our own.

But if you’re reading this, you’re either a VA looking for a gift idea, because your awesome client has asked you what you want… Or you’ve got a VA on your team, and you’re going to be an awesome client, and show them some holiday gratitude by getting them something amazing.

Here’s what your VA wants this Christmas:

  • Danielle LaPorte’s DesireMap Planner* - Danielle LaPorte is the author, creatress, and powerhouse woman behind the lifestyle method known as Desire Map. Her website is all about what happens when soulful business meets tech savvy teams, life values, and how to make it all play nicely. Needless to say, team CMVA is big fans of Danielle -- and we bet other VAs would love her stuff too.

  • A meal subscription like Purple Carrot* - Let’s be real for a minute. Often times, we’re working late, or at odd hours, and food can fall by the wayside. (We might actually have a block on the calendar each workday to remember to eat, otherwise we forget!) With a subscription like Purple Carrot, all of the prep work (grocery shopping, sourcing, etc) is done, and all that’s left is the fun part -- actually cooking! We’ve gotten clients hooked on Purple Carrot too! Everyone loves it!

  • Neato Botvac D80 Robot Vacuum for Pets and Allergies* - Why not let a vacuum take care of the cleaning for once? We LOVE the Neato vacuum and run it multiple times a week, which frees up our time to serve our clients better. If your VA is a pet lover, this is a great model for them, since it can tackle pet hair like a boss!

  • Godiva* always makes a great gift. Why not give your assistant the sweets they crave, with a fun box of assorted chocolates? This way, there’s definitely something for everyone, and you don’t have to worry about a gift that might not hit the mark. Vegan assistant? Try these*.

  • A pampering spa basket* is always a great idea, especially if you’ve been particularly demanding as a client. We cherish our days off, and spending it relaxing with this basket’s goodies? Sounds like a dream come true.

  • Apple’s Airpods* are a great (and functional) gift. These are wonderful for taking client calls, but also have amazing sound, are great at staying in ears, and are a fast way to a gadget-loving VA’s heart. If you’ve talked to our team on the phone since October, we were using these!

Of course, you can always send flowers, or a gift card for a nice dinner. Or an extra tip is wonderful too. But these gifts are an easy way to say thank you to your VA for all of their hard work this year -- which they will appreciate a ton.

For bonus points, order these EARLY and get them to your VA in time for the holiday. (We’ll be seriously impressed.) Oh, and if you need our address, it won’t spoil the surprise. Just ask. We’ll be happy to hand it over. (Gifts make us elated.)

*Items marked with an asterisk use an affiliate link, which means I may make a small commission if you purchase the item(s) through my link(s). It costs you nothing, and helps support my small business!