The Social Media Rule That Never Fails

Social Media is incredibly influential to business -- but so is your reputation. When you’re a jerk on social media, word gets around. Being a part of the connectedness online comes with a responsibility to be kind, courteous, and gracious. Your reputation can keep you from repeat clients, customer retention, and sales.

The one metric that influenced my growing social the most? Kindness.

Authenticity and kindness go hand-in-hand, and both are important. Especially now, right after the election, people are seen being downright awful to each other on social media channels. My team and I have been taking over social media for a lot of our clients lately.

The biggest thing to remember: there’s a person on the other side of the screen, and how you make them feel will last.

There are brands that execute the kindness I’m talking about -- brands that excel at being authentic, genuine, gracious, and personable. These companies are growing, because they’re keeping people happy, they’re lighthearted, and they work hard at being authentic. My interactions with them have always been incredible, uplifting, and elevating.

I feel better after interacting with brands and companies that are kind. That’s the key.

Here are a few examples of some of my favorite brands being rockstars on social media:

Southwest Airlines

Southwest is my favorite airline -- that’s no secret if you follow me on Twitter. I love them. I fly them pretty much once a month -- sometimes more. Southwest has grown their brand (overall) in a big way by being transparent, kind, and open. Specifically on social media, they’ve been creating kindness by using GIFs, personalized responses to their followers, and even sending thank you notes to Veterans. They sent love to someone having open heart surgery, and work a lot with Make A Wish to send cancer patients on amazing trips. These are things that catch attention, create a reputation, and keep momentum going.

Sugar and Cloth

I followed Ashley, CEO of Sugar and Cloth, on social media a few weeks ago, and was so excited to see the way she is interacting with her followers on Twitter. She uses authentic replies, she thanks people for sharing her content, and she takes initiative to share other people’s content too. Through building her brand, she’s included personality, authenticity, and honesty… along with some gorgeous visuals.

So how do I replicate these brands’ social media kindness? I make sure that we create really solid systems that don’t let anyone fall through the cracks. I make a big effort to interact with people that follow me, and I keep those interactions going. A big part of this being successful is due to my team. I have a writer, a social media manager, and two VAs on my team, and we all work on pieces that touch my social media.

Hiring great people with awesome personalities is a great indicator of success. The better your team is, the better you will be. Period. Hire the right people, and trust them to do their jobs! If they’re kind people, and they’re in your social media daily, you can bet that they’re going to carry that kindness over to your channels on Instagram, Twitter, and more. When your team shares the workload, they share the success. Get them invested in being kind, and you’ll grow quicker.

In a period of uncertainty with the election, there’s an influx of tweets, facebook posts, and instagram uploads that are not kind. They’re said in jest, or with intentions that are less than kind -- and that’s upsetting. Not only is it hurting the person that’s on the other side of that screen, it’s making your business look petty, immature, and rude. And we both know you’re too great for that.

Being kind on social is the biggest way to increase your client retention, boost your sales, and create relationship -- which is the best business you’ll ever have.

Tweet someone something kind today. You never know where it will lead.