Why The Team Matters at Team CMVA

Have you ever been a part of a team that just doesn’t work? It doesn’t work well, it doesn’t work together, it simply doesn’t work… I think we all have. Even a group of wonderful people can make a pretty crappy team. That’s because there is so much more to being a team than just the abilities of the individuals.

Core Value 2: Cohesive Team Spirit – We are a cohesive, excited team. We take pride in our work together.

This core value is checkpoint number two in our operation. What can we do to foster a cohesive team spirit? How do we flesh this out on a daily basis? And, perhaps most importantly, how can we make sure that our cohesive team spirit spurs us to greater service to our clients?

What can we do to foster a cohesive team spirit?

Building a team from scratch, not to mention one that is completely remote from one another, that engages and works well together with the same vision for client service while encouraging and challenging each other along the way, is easier said than done. But, the starting point must be communication.

It starts with our monthly, online, staff meeting calls. The meetings are relatively short but they refocus the team on what has happened, what lies ahead, and provides personal connection that can’t be accomplished in email or even by voice alone. There’s something about seeing someone’s face, seeing them smile, and hearing their questions in real time that pulls the group together. There’s also plenty of laughter.

And then, following meetings, the communication must be free and open. While we may “shut down” at certain hours of the day our doors are always open to each other. We are active on emails and respond in a timely manner. We are ready for a last minute phone call or a little one-on-one video call whenever necessary. And we all look forward to our laughs…I mean…conversations on our monthly meeting calls.

How do we flesh out a cohesive team spirit on a daily basis?

Since we all work remotely and our main point of communication on a daily basis is via email, a cohesive team spirit can become stagnate or self-focused between those valuable, monthly staff meetings. If a remote team isn’t careful they can get wrapped up in just our part of the team and forget that the work is reliant on and/or benefiting to other members. The success of one member directly affects the success of another team member and all eventually affects the success of the team, and clients, as a whole. It starts with remembering that, while we may be working on an island, our work is not one.

Practically speaking, Asana is a great tool for us because we are able to track progress, ask questions, assign tasks, send reminders, and more right within the management tool. We stay on task and on point with sharing our thoughts. Asana is the tool that helps us all gather on the same proverbial island together and stay on the same wavelength.

How does our cohesive team spirit spur us to greater service to our clients, and not just more fun for us on conference calls?

A cohesive spirit is great and all, but unless it actually results in greater service to the client then we’re growing a friendship and not a team. It doesn’t really matter whether this is accomplished by email, phone call, or regular face-to-face.  

When we share a vision, not only is our internal business tighter, smoother, and more streamlined, but we are able to pass those systems and efficiency to our clients. We all know what our respective jobs are, and our ability to harness those talents and work as a team provides our clients with an amazing experience. Together, as a team of five, we work seamlessly to tackle the bottlenecks in our client’s business’, to help them get back to the life they dreamed of when they imagined your future. 

A cohesive team trusts each other, encourages each other, challenges each other, holds one another accountable, and eventually gets outstanding results. And this is how we strive to operate at Team CMVA. We strive to serve each other well so that we can serve our clients well.

Creating a cohesive team spirit relies on the commitment of each individual to keep this truth in mind: each one of us, whether a designer operating behind the scenes or a VA operating on the front lines, matters to the group as a whole.

When it comes to the team, there are no small parts.