Take Care Every Single Day

Why is it so easy to forget about taking care of ourselves? We work overtime for our family, friends and clients to make sure they receive the very best in what we have to offer, but we don’t always do that for us. And that is downright crazy.

How are we supposed to offer the best when we are not operating at our best? Therefore, I declare that we start setting aside a small amount of time for self-care every single day. Here are a few ways!


Dance party. Put in your earbuds and dance it out when no one is watching, or take a quick walk with your favorite tunes and enjoy the moment.

Treat your skin. Winter made an entrance this week, and that can mean the season of dry and chapped skin. Indulge in a nice winter skin care routine, whether it’s an at-home ritual with a new nighttime lotion or an impromptu visit to a local spa.


Unplug for 30 minutes during the day. Take a moment to let your mind wander and think about anything or nothing. Catch up on your favorite blog. Watch a random YouTube how-to video. Write a note to a friend. In other words, take 30 minutes to think of something other than the task at hand.

Give essential oils a try. Aromatherapy and the office can coexist. Sometimes taking a few deep breaths of a wonderfully fresh scent can provide just enough power to recharge your afternoon and jumpstart creative thoughts. Also, USB diffusers exist for a reason so why not?


Take stock of your emotional wellbeing. Check in and ask yourself how you are doing. Recognize the major stressors and consider a game plan for those major items that could potentially sabotage current and future situations.

Connect with someone new. Reach out, whether it is online or in person, to someone that you have wanted to meet or possibly a new acquaintance in a familiar social setting. You never know where this opportunity could lead you.

Based in St. Louis, Missouri, Ann Ehnert has enjoyed working within the digital marketing industry for 9 years, specializing in search engine optimization and enhancing the user experience. When she’s not focusing on digital, she’s enjoying adventures with her adorable daughter and supportive husband. Connect with Ann as she documents her journey on oopsiedoopsieblog.com or on twitter @annehnert.