Myth Busting #2: Success is Imminent

Success is what we all want. We wouldn’t be doing this whole solo thing if we wanted anything less. But, oh, failure. How we all cringe at the word. We try to avoid it all costs. And we convince ourselves that if we set out on our own, do our own thing, and remain in complete control as a solopreneur or small business owner, failure will not have to be a part of our lives.

However, what we miss, is that failure is not only possible it is most likely inevitable. And that’s great! Let’s stop buying into the myth that solopreneurial enterprises are only made up of success piled upon more and more success. Just because we are the only ones responsible doesn’t mean success is imminent. Quite the contrary: success is never a given. But, there are some things regarding solopreneurial success that is a practical guarantee.

Long-Lasting Success Comes from Failure

Do you remember learning something new, like riding a bike or driving a car? Now these things come naturally to you. Riding a bike is as easy as, well, riding a bike. But I bet it wasn’t that easy when you started. I bet there were lots of bumps and bruises as you mastered the balance and coordination required. If it wasn’t for those bumps and bruises (and sometimes scars) you wouldn’t have learned. Each failure led to a long-lasting success, a success that is now second nature.

Failure Is Natural

Dreams are destined to failure by their very nature; they are based on things that, by definition, don’t make sense or have never been done before. When we venture into the unknown we will fumble every once in a while. You can’t dream without a few nightmares along the way.

All Good Things Come to Those Who Work

Success is not something that will happen overnight so stop buying the lie that becoming rich and famous is easy. Most “overnight sensations” are actually people who have worked tirelessly in the trenches for years, if not decades; what looks like a sudden rocket to success is really a compilation of failures that, through blood, sweat, and tears, has risen above.

Failure Isn’t Really Failure

When we see that failure is natural and leads to long-lasting success, we are free to use it as a springboard to continue to dream. This is where I address the elephant in the room: sometimes failure really is just failure. Yes, sometimes it is. When failure leads to quitting, it is failure. But when failure is used as a catalyst to continue to dream and explore and push forward, it is success.

All success looks different. Where one person’s success looks a lot like mansions and fancy cars, another person’s success will look like a corner shop that puts food on the table and brings peace to the soul. The way you achieve success and the way you define it is up to you. And failure is an option.