No More Failure: How to Stay on Track in 2017

Lots of people make plans and set goals. But painfully, very few complete and meet them. They are the elite few who seem to have all their stuff together. Did you know that only 8% of people achieve their goals? I don’t say that to discourage you. Rather, I have a plan. To close out this month of new beginnings, I’d like to leave you with some simple tips to power you for the rest of the year.

First, be patient, forgiving, and forgetful. Progress is very rarely linear. Instead, it is filled with peaks and valleys. Expect the valleys. Be mentally prepared for them simply by knowing that they will come. You’ll slip up, and you’ll make a mistake. 

And when they do come, accept them and be patient with yourself. You are only human, after all. But you are a person who knows how to learn. If necessary, forgive yourself for the valley. Take stock of what caused it. And then forget about it. Cast it behind you in the shadow of the past and move boldly forward.

Second, something is better than nothing. Many people fail because it’s an “all or nothing” kind of commitment. Now, I don’t know about you, but that kind of commitment will never work with me. As already mentioned, we are human. And humans have yet to achieve perfection. 

Realize that progress is still progressing no matter how far you get. For example, each year I commit to reading 50 books. I don’t always achieve 50. But, simply by committing to working towards 50 books, I end up reading more than I would otherwise. It is a “win” no matter how you cut it.

Third, stop looking for time and make some. Or, better yet, choose it. Time doesn’t magically appear, and it can’t be conjured up with wishful thinking. Time is always ticking forward, and you will never have more of it than you do right now. So don’t wait around for the extra time you need to accomplish your goals. I like the phrase “make time, ” but I LOVE the phrase “choose a time.” 

Choosing time is prioritizing the important things, honestly accessing what can go, and trimming the fat.  You choose to do the things that matter the most. So, if your goals matter to you, you will choose the time to do them.

Finally, tell people your goals and your plans. Share them with people that support you and encourage you. Once you’ve spoken these things out loud, it makes them breathe and take on life. It’s easy to set a goal to gain ten new clients or increase revenue by 15%; it’s another thing altogether to tell people about the goals you are setting. 

These people you tell must be supportive and encouraging. They should be the people that love you and care about your personal and professional success. These people will ask you how you’re doing, they will hold you accountable, and the great ones will make your goals their own and help you along the way.

There are lots of ways to fail. But, thankfully, there are lots of opportunities to keep going. Expect and accept the valleys that will come, remember progress is still progress, choose a time for the stuff that matters, and share your goals with others. These are just a few ways to keep powering through the year as if every day is a New Year.