Ultimate Work Hacks: Making Social Media Work for You

Yes, you know the power of social media for your business. Yes, you know that being active and responsive across your social mediums is essential. But doing it? Oy! That’s an entirely different story. Social media for solopreneurs can be quite a challenge. Perhaps a few hacks are in order…or maybe five. These five social media hacks may not make you a social guru, but they will make you look like one.

1. Content
Like any good bait, social media content is meant to attract people to your page, your website, and eventually your services. But sometimes content is easier said than done. We can’t always spend hours creating content of our own (although generating your own content is imperative on a regular basis). For example, a restaurant owner may post a picture of their daily special, a dentist may share an article about the importance of a pediatric dentistry, or a photographer may share an infographic about portrait color schemes. Not all content has to be yours as long as you accurately attribute it to your source. 

But lining all these pieces up? Making sure good content is shared on a regular basis with less effort from you? Easier than it sounds! That’s where our first hack comes in handy. Pocket allows you to save articles for reading later. But, even better, you can use it to tag an article (with a hashtag of your choosing) for future sharing. Spending an hour or two each week finding quality, shareable content and saving it to your Pocket sounds pretty hack worthy to me.

2. Posting
Once you’ve collected some quality content, the next thing you want to do is make sure it gets shared at the right time in the right way on the right platform. This is where you might want to try Zapier, our second hack. Once you tag a content piece in Pocket, use Zapier to distribute the piece to the right social platform. 

Zapier teaches more than 750 apps (Pocket included) to talk to each other. Zapier will look through your Pocket for a specified hashtag. Once it’s found, Zapier will “ZAP” the content over to Facebook or Google+ or Instagram. Your choice! 

Creating “ZAPS” is easy and many different combinations of social platforms and apps can help you streamline your social posting and sharing. For example, post something on your Facebook page and Zapier will automatically post it across all your social media pages. Talk about efficiency! The results really are seemingly endless.

3. Scheduling
Want to set up lots of content to share for the whole week (or two or three…) all at one time? Turn to Buffer! Buffer allows you to schedule posts well in advance. In fact, consider setting up your whole month in one morning by filling up your Buffer account with graphics, to blogs and everything in between. 

With Buffer, you can easily select which of your social accounts you want to post to. Even post the same message to all accounts or add context by customizing each. This one is a real favorite over here at Team CMVA.

4. Do It All
This tool meets all the requirements of the word “Hack.” Leaving no stone unturned, Hootsuite can manage all your social media platforms in one dashboard, even find and schedule effective social content. Also providing real-time analytics so you can see how well your social media presence is performing and attracting customers, is another reason to love this hack.

Lots of communication happens on social media. Your customers may even bypass your website and use messages through Instagram or Facebook to ask you a question. Be prepared with automatic responses or full customer support. Did I mention that you can also track social mentions, reply seamlessly, and allow multiple team members to get involved thanks to this robust tool? Well, you can. You’re welcome.

5. Get Real Help
Finally, we would be doing you a huge disservice if we didn’t mention this one: Get help, real life help. As your social media grows, even the best tools may not be enough to handle the onslaught. That’s where a Virtual Assistant truly can come in handy. 

Solopreneurs and small business owners have enough to think about that social media management can seem like a cruel punishment. Let someone like a qualified and creative Virtual Assistant do it for you. 

You know you need Facebook for your business. You know you need Instagram to inspire customers and draw the right attention. You know you need Twitter to engage potential customers. And it really doesn’t have to be that hard. Let these hacks take the stress out of your social media management.

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