RoundUp: Things We're Loving | Week 1

Starting this week, we are going to share every Friday the things we're loving as a team! Consider it a Friday wrap-up, ushering you into a great weekend!

Song of the week:

App of the week:

  • Color Switch! This game is so addicting. It’s a perfect way to relieve some stress during the busy work week. And bonus -- it's available on both Apple (here) and Android (here) platforms!

Podcast of the week:

  • Millennial : A fun podcast by Megan Tan & Radiotopia. A great look into maneuvering your 20’s, captured in real time.

Something to do this weekend:

Favorite inspirational post of the week:

  • 3 Crucial Elements of a Successful Leader 
    • This post has some great insight as to what it takes to really take your leadership skills to the next level!
    • It's written by one of Charissa's favorite coaches, authors, and shining lights, Thais Guimaraes. If you're in Los Angeles, she's local to you and hosts lots of events! Check her out!