Virtual Assistant Summer School: The Rise of the VA

Congratulations! You’ve come to the last lesson in our Team CMVA Virtual Assistant summer school series. There will be no diplomas or ceremonies or cheesy speeches. Instead, we leave you with solid proof of why this virtual assistant thing is the real deal and how the Virtual Assistant industry is changing the face of the entire business world. 

The term “virtual assistant” began in the 1990s and it consisted more of medium to large corporate administrative assistants. Today it is an industry comprised of entrepreneurial dreamers who have mostly left corporate jobs to create a career of their own on their own terms. They work for small and large companies alike. 

The advantages of being a virtual assistant are the portability of your work and the freedom of being your own boss. The advantages of hiring a virtual assistant are that employers and/or business owners can save money on taxes and vacation time, save time by only using a VA when needed on specific tasks, and create a collaborative relationship by hiring a VA expert who specializes where they need help the most.

There isn’t much a VA can’t do. The increasing access to technology makes remote work easier and easier. Because of the role of a Virtual Assistant in the small workplace, the corporate market as a whole is growing in both breadth and depth.

What used to be an industry of basic admin work has grown to social media management, travel planning, and personal assistance. A VA can update your database one minute and then schedule your mani/pedi the next without ever leaving their desk. And the client only gets charged for the time spent on these tasks – no vacation time to pay, insurance costs to cover, or traffic jams to worry about.

In addition, a VA can work for a dog groomer one day and a real estate lawyer the next. There are no limits to the type of clients a given VA can have. In fact, a new client may just be one phone call, a tweet, or a cup of coffee away. 

While remote work increases, the need for companies to adapt to remote and virtual employees increases too.

More and more meetings, even in traditional corporate settings, are happening with at least one attending online via conference. Lots of small businesses have a large online component and remote staff, something we are passionate about. And working parents are able to stay home with sick kids without sacrificing their own sick day.

If you have been able to work from home even for a couple of days, you may be able to thank a VA.

Yes, Virtual Assistants are changing the face of the working world both corporately and in the freelance marketplace. It is an exciting time to be a VA and an even better time to consider hiring one.

With that, we close our Virtual Assistant Summer School. Congratulations on your accomplishment now go enjoy your sangria and sunshine!