Remote Working is the Future

One of the favorite parts of being a VA for me?

The ability to work wherever I desire.

The digital nomad lifestyle is exploding into more companies, for good reason. Being able to change your environment combats boredom, while helping to keep you on your toes. For extroverts like me, who often need to work around the company of others, it meets a social need as well. This helps with productivity as a solopreneur.

With remote working comes a slew of online resources at the disposal of techy fingertips. For example, in my own business, I’m completely paperless. Invoices, time tracking, client communication, even tax forms -- they’re all created and submitted online. Assistants are helping clients adjust to this kind of business life.

A great example of this is my upcoming move. I am moving to Phoenix in March after having lived in Denver for 25 years. I am completely digital, so I am able to keep everything functioning in sync. There's no change to my clients at all. In fact, I’ve been on airplanes before, answering emails, and clients have no idea. I usually tell them that I’m on a plane if I need to pack my laptop away for landing, and they’re shocked. Being remote allows me to work anywhere I want, without interruption.

(I also have a post about my move and creating a mobile office coming soon! Don’t miss that!)

Virtual assisting is (by its nature) something that should be able to be remote. Sure, I can fly in and visit clients, to be in-person for special launches and projects. Often, I’m working from my usual office in a co-working space, my home office, or an airplane. The opportunity to travel makes things so much fun for me, and it doesn’t interrupt client work.

To work remote you’ll need to look at the paper-based/non-online systems you currently use. This will help you to automate things online that are currently holding you back. No matter the system, there’s most likely an online solution. Your VA will have the perfect system to recommend. Ask them if there’s something you’d like to streamline better!

What would you do if you worked completely remote 100% of the time? Tell me in the comments below!