How To Pick The Perfect Assistant

When you're a client, picking an assistant can feel like wedding dress shopping. You're looking for a unicorn. You're looking for the one dress that's going to be unique. The one that fits you just right, looks great the entire time, is comfortable, and won't break the budget. You're looking for something one of a kind.

Because honestly? 

You deserve to feel confident.

You deserve a grand entrance to the moments that change your life.

It's the same with picking an assistant. You deserve an assistant that can go the distance. One that clicks in with your business, systems, processes, and goals. Pay attention to their nuances -- all the things that make them unique are what matter.

In the spirit of having a little fun (because no one signed up to be boring in business), I'm going to share some tidbits about my own life, and the way I work. These all seem like trivial things at first, but they make me a perfect fit for my clients.

  • I'm vegan. If you follow me on instagram or twitter you'll see me post photos of what I'm eating a few times a week. Turns out, I have two vegan clients, and I help them with meal planning and grocery shopping each week. Because I'm vegan, I know brands are strictly vegan, and cut down on time needed to read labels. (Which saves my client money.)

  • I have lots of tattoos. You can't see them in my headshots, because they're on my arms, and on my shoulder. Most of my clients don't know about my tattoos, but once, a client asked for a reputable tattoo shop in Seattle. Turns out I'd gotten a tattoo there, and was able to hook her up with my artist. What she got inked looks amazing, too.

  • I follow, and am also a graduate of the work of Alison Armstrong / PAX. I believe in her mission to help men and women create delicious partnerships. Whether in business, personal relationships, or as colleagues, she can work magic. I had a client whose husband was looking for a men's self-help seminar. I recommended A Hero's Challenge, the only PAX program for men. He went. It changed his life. And now he's a huge proponent of Alison's work.

  • I travel all the time. I have at least a trip booked per month, and usually love changing up my surroundings while I work. (The life of a digital nomad is exciting, let me tell you!) I have tips and tricks I use for myself for booking flights, hotels, and getting deals on AirBNBs. Being a travel guru myself helps my clients in a giant way.

Lots of things make assistants complex; listing them here would make this a lengthy blog post. The most important thing? Is that your assistant (or potential assistants) are unique. This could make them a great fit for you.

Talk to them.

Get to know them.

Find out what makes them unique. They could be the one you're looking for. And if so?

Your business will always be the one making a grand entrance.