How to Create a Mobile Office

There are huge benefits of working as a Virtual Assistant. Hiring someone to do the same thing as an in-house assistant creates savings for the client and flexibility for everyone. There’s no desk to pay for, parking space, office to decorate or furnish, or wasted time for the client. And for the assistant? You can work anywhere you want.

I’m moving to Phoenix next month after 25 years in Denver. While this means a huge change for me, it doesn’t affect my clients at all. They’re able to work with me as if nothing is changing, because for them, everything stays the same. One of my favorite parts of being a VA is that I can create continuity for my clients even if my life changes.

A big part of my move is packing up my house and home office. I started working at a co-working space in Denver so that I could have my office packed up. It was easy once I created a mini mobile office. My mobile office is everything I'd need to get work done if I needed to go to the coffee shop or my office outside the house. I thought I’d share what I included here for you! Keeping in mind that my business is completely paperless, I still included sticky notes and a pen.

My mobile office includes:

  • my iPhone (for calls, texts, and cat GIFs in my Asana app)

  • my MacBook Air + charger

  • a protective sleeve for my Macbook Air 

  • a pack of auto-categorized Evernote sticky notes (Evernote is an easy way to keep track of messages, voicemails, and other phone notes).

  • headphones - I use my Beats by Dre over-ear headphones in my office, as well as earbuds

  • Spotify Premium … because work is better when accompanied by Tropical House music!

  • Business Cards for meetings and introductions

  • My favorite Papermate Profile pens (I refuse to use anything else… I'm serious.)

  • Shake app, for contracts and signatures

  • Google Drive, Dropbox, and iCloud storage for client files, research backups and everything else. I use Google suite all day, every day. It's invaluable

  • iPad mini, for when I need a dual screen to correlate data between two places

  • Wireless mouse - I use the Apple Magic Mouse when working on my MacBook Air

  • Skype and Google Hangouts for conference calls and video chats. This is helpful with international clients, or when I meet with teams.

  • HelloFax - in the event I have to fax something for a client, or receive a fax on their behalf, I use HelloFax to send and receive faxes without an actual fax machine.

It’s important to make sure you can perform all the functions of your job through a mobile office. It’s also important to make sure that you’re comfortable. You’ll need to make sure that your work is as efficient and swift as usual. The ultimate goal is for you to be able to work from different locations without it being obvious. I’ve worked from planes at 39,000 feet, and clients had no idea. That’s the end goal. You want to be completely mobile, and self-sustaining!

Use your mobile office on a normal day, as a practice run. This way you can make sure you have everything you need, while you’re around your normal office. It’s always a smart idea to test it out! Mobile offices are great things to pack up if you love to travel or spend time in lots of different co-working offices or coffee shops. As long as you have your essentials, you’re good to go!

I’m writing this blog post from the freeway as I’m traveling back to Denver from Phoenix. I just stopped to see a meteorite crater, and I am on my way to lunch, while working from the car. As someone who works remote 100% of the time, I value my mobile office and WiFi, and use it often!

What would you include in your mobile office? Have anything to add to this list? Tell me in the comments!