How to Love Your Team

“Good help is hard to find.” I’ve heard this. So have you. So what’s the struggle?

You could have the dream job, running your dream business, getting dream results ... and still be miserable. When you are working with the wrong people, even the perfect job can seem like purgatorial punishment.

But finding people you love to work with is only half the equation. The other half? Do people love to work with you? Consider this a refresher course on how to find and how to be someone you love working with.

Qualities of People We Want on Our Team

#1. We love working with people who work with us.

Good partners work for you. The best ones work with you. They make your goals their goals. They work collaboratively, freely using their energy not just to complete tasks but to help make you better. They truly partner themselves with you.

Alternatively, as the boss, make an effort to include them in your goals and your ideas. This spirit of inclusion in the big picture integrates them into your world and allows them to take better ownership of their part of it. We all prefer partners to employees. And once success is a team effort, it should also be a team reward – give credit where credit is due.

#2. We love working people who are honest.

Specifically, we love people who are honest about their strengths and their weaknesses. We love working with people who are able to admit their weak points, own when they’ve messed up, and move forward. The best thing about these people isn't perfection. (That's unattainable and unrealistic.) It's that they have the ability to learn from their mistakes without throwing in the towel or trying to shift blame.

A good partner also doesn’t shy away from their strengths. They know what they’re good at and they are more than willing to jump in and help with these areas of business, if given the opportunity. Don’t be too proud to let them. Sometimes, when we are in business for ourselves, it can be hard to let someone else take control in a certain area. However, letting another person shine in a task that is a strong point of theirs is a step in the growing process we all must make if we truly want to thrive.

#3. We love working with people who are dependable.

The people who are great to work with are also the ones who do what they say they are going to do. Did they promise you a report by the end of the day but you never received it? And do they do this on a regular basis? They may be more talkers and less doers.

In the same way, are you making commitments and verbal promises that you often don’t live up to? No one likes working with a talker. We all like working with a doer – the one who does what they says they're going to do. Be that person.

#4. We love working with thoughtful people.

The other type of people we all love to work with are the thoughtful ones. They’re the ones who may be the quietest in your meetings but when they do speak, they speak volumes. They are thoughtful in word and in deed. They are trustworthy and methodical in this way. They know the value of thinking BEFORE they act or speak. They weigh their words just right and understand that a good plan is better than any complaint or haphazard action based on emotions.

#5. We love working with people who can see the bright side.

Finally, the person we all love to work with is the one who can find the sunshine on the cloudy days. Now, I’m not talking about that person who defaults to sunshine and rainbows even when the sky is falling. But they are the ones who carry peace in their presence. Negativity is not something they wield like a sword, ready to slash through any sunny rays that may invade their space.

They know that seeking positive thoughts lead to positive actions. And so should you. Be the person who throws a lifeline rather than going down with the ship. Be the person who brings joy to your workspace and your team.

Good help can be hard to find, but it doesn’t have to be. Be the person you love working with. Then, the great help will find you AND they’ll stick around.