Who is CEO of Your Life?

So many of my clients ask me how I run my business to be efficient, profitable, well-adjusted, and mostly self-sufficient, less than a year after launching.


Sometimes it catches me by surprise, too.

I'm a firm believer in desire. (My staff and entire client base will attest to this.) If you don't know what you want, how can you create a business and life that are fulfilling? It's so important to clue into what you're wanting to feel, what you're wanting for your life, and how you can build that into a business.

So, to answer these questions from clients, I've written this post, on desire and life -- and what happens when you're the CEO. (You are the CEO of your life.) Consider this a small resource list of the treasures I've found on desire, on how to figure out your own, and how to chase them.

  1. How did you get into this whole "desire thing"?

    • The first book that I read on desiring more for my life, and uncovering what I really wanted for myself was "The Desire Map" by Danielle LaPorte.

    • I stand behind anything created by Alison Armstrong. She’s an incredible human and I count myself incredibly fortunate to be able to have found her books when I did.

  2. What are your desires for your life?

    • My words for this year are: simple, embodied, explore, and held.

  3. How do you build desire into your business?

    • When you know how your team wants to feel, you can help create those feelings. It's pretty great.

    • I ask my team all the time, “is there something you need from me to be able to do your job better, faster, or more smoothly?”

  4. Why is desire so integral for the team?

    • Every decision is made based on our desires. For me personally, that affects the staff I choose to work with, the people I'm surrounded by, and the clients that we choose. Even the affiliate programs we participate in are chosen based on alignment with desires.

  5. Does your staff follow the same philosophy?

    • Yep. They are really tuned into desires, what they are wanting to feel, and how we are focusing the business (and their respective abilities and talents) towards incredible things.

We really believe, as a team, that knowing what you want is integral to your well-being -- whether you're a CEO, a freelancer, a solopreneur, a manager, an intern... or holding another position.

We love what we do.

Business should feel good. The rest of life should too.

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