How To Let A Client Go

I've been running many businesses over the last 10+ years, and working hard to make my own goals come true. The realization that not everyone is for me, with me, or cheering me on... was hard to swallow.

It made me so sad when I had to fire my first ever client just a few weeks ago.

In May, on the blog, we're talking about client issues! One of those is letting a client go. Sometimes we don't have our onboarding tightened up enough. Sometimes we ignore our intuition (true for me this time) and keep working together when we know we're not a good fit.

No matter how the firing happens, it sucks for everyone. The most important thing is navigating the healing that comes after. You've got to take responsibility for your piece, too. Look at how you contributed. Think about what you could've done better or in a different way.

For me, it was clear. I ignored my intuition, and the voice that told me that this client wasn't a fit. Instead of acting on it when I felt the twinge, I stayed with the client out of obligation. One of my favorite authors says, "When you think about it, obligation is a dirty word."

It's true. I could've saved so much time, heartache, money, and energy by trusting myself.

So next time, I'll do just that.

Firing a client isn't easy, no matter how much of it is your fault. In my talks with other VAs, I've heard that letting a client go can be difficult because of the wording. Many VAs don't know how to let a client go. So, we've created a worksheet with a script and brainstorming notes for you! This will help you feel confident in letting a client go.


Letting a client go is never fun, but this can help make it easier for you to end things on a positive note.