Hack Your Day: Do More by Doing Less

At the core of a good hack is the ability to do more by actually doing less. Honestly, it’s really only worthy of the name if it helps you get more done with less effort and these are my favorite hacks for your day. And, really, these hacks are good for everyone no matter your career or place in life. Consider this week’s list of hacks a gift from us to you and then from you to your work week.

Take a Chore Off Your List

There are lots of things outside of work that demand our time, such as yard work, family obligations, and doctor appointments. The list truly feels endless sometimes. So, our first hack lets you take one of these mundane but entirely necessary things off your list: Grocery Shopping. This one, simple hack has the potential to really change your week. Shipt is a straightforward shopping app that connects you to a local grocery store to execute store to door delivery in as little as one hour. ONE HOUR! 

There is an annual fee but no additional hidden costs, as long as you keep your orders over $35. The app will even show you what your local store has on sale. Just fill up your basket, check out, and then get back to work while someone else does the shopping and the driving. And then they even carry the groceries inside. 

The benefits may seem obvious – no need to do your own shopping – but there is more. This hack will save you money because you aren’t browsing the aisles and mindlessly filling your cart with things you don’t need. You also don’t need to worry about forgetting anything. Load your cart throughout the week as you run out of essentials and never forget the milk again.

I don’t know about you, but, in my experience, this little hack has saved me a couple of hours a week… a couple of hours I can definitely use on other things.

Make a Daily Chore Easier (And More Fun)

If grocery delivery wasn’t enough for you, take it a step further with a meal planning service, such as Purple Carrot. Like its competitors in the meal planning service industry, Purple Carrot provides a wide selection of meals that they deliver to your home, pre-measured, with detailed instructions for you to prepare like a master chef. You get the home-cooked meal you love without the planning, shopping, or prep work. 

So what makes Purple Carrot different? So glad you asked! Every meal is 100% plant based making you feel good while you eat well! Meal plans vary by cost and frequency and even athletes or aspiring athletes can get in on the fun with a really intriguing new option – TB12. In partnership with Tom Brady, Purple Carrot has created a new subscription plan for performance meals. These meals are high protein while still being 100% plant based and gluten free.

We love taking care of ourselves at Team CMVA but with our hectic work and life schedules, sometimes taking care of ourselves and our planet can become a burden. A meal service, such as Purple Carrot, is a simple hack to help us take back a little more control of what we are putting into our bodies and what mark we are leaving on our environment. And when we are taking care of ourselves and feel good about what we are putting out, we are more confident, more empowered, and more productive.

Early to Bed/Early to Rise.

You’ve heard the phrase before, “The early bird gets the worm.” You’ve probably also heard the clever retort, “Worms are gross and mornings are stupid.” Well, we agree on one front – we aren’t a fan of worms. However, mornings can be pretty awesome. 

I mean, when was the last time you got to see a sunrise? But, sunrise aside, there’s something about the way the brain works in the morning. Research shows that mornings are more productive for the majority of people, even those who claim they’re “not a morning person.” The first two hours of your morning can be the most efficient of your day if you let it, and can be the best and simplest way to hack your week.

Of course, if you aren’t used to getting up early in the morning it can be a challenge. And “early” may be different for you than for other people. But, if you want to try this morning thing out, here’s a tip: plan your morning the night before. Plan what you’ll do, where you’ll sit (prepare it with a soft light and a blanket), and set your coffee maker. The key is to get excited about getting up early and remind yourself that getting up early isn’t a punishment but rather a gift to you and your family. 

Of course, getting up earlier only works if you go to bed earlier; you still need the proper amount of sleep. We all need to make sacrifices. I challenge you to try it for two weeks. If after two weeks you are still miserable getting up a little earlier, no worries. This is a hack and is supposed to help make your life easier. And, if we’ve all learned something from Pinterest, it’s that not all hacks work for everyone.

Practice Saying “No”

This can be so, so hard for some of us…ok, most of us, but if we were to each take an honest look at our schedules I am sure there is something we can walk away from, say “no” to, or postpone. Maybe it’s because I am a people-pleaser at heart but saying a straight “no” is really hard for me, especially if it’s to an actual person, so I prefer to say, “No, not now.” See how that little two-word addition softens the blow a little? 

Saying “no” or “no, not now” is a fine art that is perfected over time. You won’t be great at it right away. But what makes this such a great hack for your week is that it only takes a moment to potentially open up hours of time you wouldn’t have had or haven’t had otherwise.
It’s true that some “yes’s” are necessary but it’s equally true that some “no’s” are just as necessary. Practice saying “no” and one day this practice will become the best “yes” you ever made.

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