It's No Secret - I Like to Have Fun

It's no secret -- I like to have fun.

During projects that are high-stress, a regular Wednesday, or while facing a huge deadline, it's important to remember that fun has a place in everything. Whether it's going for a quick Starbucks run, browsing Pinterest for a few minutes, or going to my favorite gem shop for crystals to keep on my desk, incorporating fun is necessary.


But what happens when you're swamped with projects, dealing with frustrating amounts of email, or trying to schedule projects around the a holiday or vacation? What happens when you're wondering how it’s all going to get done? What happens when you are scared to death that it might not all work out -- and that you make it out alive?

You have some fun.

Part of the reason my businesses have taken off so quickly? The prioritization of fun. That's a big mouthful for, "when it gets tough, do something you love." Success can be draining. Almost success can be just as draining, too. When you're in the deep of stress, squeezing your calendar, feeling deflated, or wondering how any of this is going to work... that's your bat signal lighting up for a mayday, babe. (Fun fact -- the French <<m’aider>> actually means “help me”!)

I want you to pull out a piece of paper, open up the notes app on your iPhone, or use the Starbucks napkin to your right, and author your Fun Plan. (Capitalized because it's IMPORTANT.)

Title it something cheeky, like:

When life sucks, do this:

When I'm burned out on business, do:


Sanity Saving To Dos:

Pleasure List: (this one is my personal favorite)

The best thing about incorporating fun into your life, and your business? It makes way for you to grow.

I have so many moments I can look back on from the start of this blissed out assistance temple; there are so many moments of intentional, creative, streamlined fun that saved my sanity -- and my own business. After authoring my list on a Starbucks napkin in May of 2014, I decided I would stick to the idea of having fun no matter what. No matter how crazy business got. No matter how many times I wondered how it would all work out. No matter how scared I was. No matter how many flights I was on, or how many clients had launches in the same week.


Prioritizing your well-being fosters your genius

In those moments of fun, I met clients by chance at Starbucks in line. I smiled at babies. I helped to pay it forward. I got renewed energy. I was able to change my perspective, and shake up my routine. I came up with new ideas, especially those geared towards helping people struggling in their business. Getting up and out in the world of fun really gives you a chance to shine once you’re back at your desk.

The act of simply creating a framework to ensure some sort of fun every day made me stronger, and it makes #teamCMVA stronger, too. We're able to relax, have fun, and work harder when it's time for work... because we know fun is around the corner.


How will you prioritize your fun today? I'm working from Panera, listening to amazing music, and drinking their green tea -- my beverage of choice!