Hack Your Weekend: The Best Ways to Spend Your Downtime

Ah, the weekend. We know when it’s coming and we wait for it like a child waits for Santa on Christmas Eve. We may even jump the gun a little and start our dance into the weekend on Friday with a “Happy FriYAY” plastered on our Facebook or Insta page.

We work hard during the week and so the weekends are a chance for us to step back, step away, take a breath, or sleep in. But do we? Do you find yourself sneaking glances at your email while you’re out to drinks with a friend? Do you find yourself using Saturday to catch up on what you didn’t get done during the week? Well, we are here to help. Here are our helpful hacks for your weekend, because even we brave solopreneurs need them. So let’s do them right.

Go Device Free

Man, oh man, is this one hard. We are all addicts, really, when it comes to our devices so going a full weekend without one can be a frightening prospect. We are not recommending (unless you want to!) to take the whole weekend device free. Maybe it’s just a day. Maybe it’s just an afternoon. Maybe it’s just turning off notifications so you aren’t distracted by the incessant chirping and dinging sounds.

It could even be something as simple as the #devicefreedinner campaign. Host a dinner party and have a basket at the front door for everyone to drop their smartphones into. Then let your mouths actually do some talking, your ears do some listening, and your heart do some connecting.

Spend Time Alone or With People that Fuel You

Depending on the type of work we do as solopreneurs or small business owners, we may need to spend some time alone. I know time alone is essential to my well-being. However, if you are alone a lot and have a personality that needs company, spending time with people should be something you make a priority. 

The important thing is to make sure the people you are with are the type that fuel you and don’t destroy you. We’ve all heard about toxic relationships or toxic people and, unfortunately, in real life, they are sometimes necessary to have around. But, when we are looking at our weekend and deciding who to share our precious time with, we ought to make sure it is someone who is worthy of it, someone who makes us laugh, and someone who supports us. 

And, if you simply find yourself craving silence or solo adventure by the end of the week, take that as permission to just go full hermit. Read a book (a real one with pages and ink) or go for a walk or do nothing at all. That’s the beauty of being alone. It’s all about you.

Establish a Recharge Ritual

Even for those of you who are spontaneous and adventurous, establishing a sense of ritual or routine even in your weekend can be super beneficial. Find a ritual each weekend that makes you feel recharged. Maybe it’s riding your bike to your favorite local coffee shop or breakfast café and then hitting up the bookstore next door. Or, perhaps, it’s taking a spin class followed by drinks with friends. 

Whatever it is it needs to be something you like to do that will signal to your brain “this is the weekend!” It should be something different than what you would typically do any other day of the work week and ideally something that leaves you with fresh air in your lungs. But the most important thing is that you enjoy it.

These hacks are our recommendations to help you take the weekend you deserve. Let all your hard work during the week be enough and get refocused and recharged this weekend using one, or all, of our hacks to a better respite.