Why Growing Means Getting a Grip on Your Admin

Your time as a small business owner and solopreneur is so precious. You are pulled in a million different directions all at once. Sometimes the most basic things become the hardest. So let’s talk about it. This week we want to highlight the importance of growing your business through the monotonous, sometimes boring, and often tedious parts of your business – admin – and how to get help.

Admin is the work equivalent of folding and putting away the laundry. Wash? No problem. Dry? Easy peasy! Fold and put away? Fold AND put away?! You must be crazy! Admin isn’t usually hard but it’s monotonous while requiring lots of energy. It’s tedious with (what can seem like) little return. It’s boring when other parts of our work get us much more excited.

I’ve seen it time and time again. The basic functions of our business make us yawn or cringe but, no matter how much we hate them, they are still the things that must get done. Small businesses can’t neglect their Instagram or Facebook following for too long before they lose them. Small businesses can only put off data entry for so long before the little monster becomes too much to handle and begins to negatively affect everyday work function and efficiency.

Here at team CMVA we know this stuff is hard. Fortunately, we are experts at taking you from chaos to calm. We love helping busy people manage their lives and we are proud of what we do and how we are growing.

I have a range of clients, from Dentists to Doctors, Reiki practitioners, entrepreneurs, and busy moms, but many seem to face the same struggles. When you have someone like us help with your admin needs, you get more than just email management or outbound phone calls.

Most often we face the same five requests from our clients:

  1. Help with calendar management and scheduling.

  2. Help with systems integration for functions like mass emailing and social media management.

  3. Help with data entry.

  4. Help with proofreading for items like articles, blogs, and emails.

  5. Help with travel research such as researching hotels, flights, trains, things to do in cities, and more.

What makes other small business owners cringe makes us smile. We love doing these things! We love it so much that we offer several levels of service. This means we are able to help those who just need a little assistance or those who need a full-on rescue.

Whether you use a Virtual Assistant service like us here at team CMVA or you tackle these things on your own, we encourage you to take an assessment of the top five things you need the most help with. Your needs may look different than the list above, that’s fine! But knowing your needs is the best place to start.

Once you know what you need then you can truly decide if this is something you can do yourself with just a little reprioritization or organization or if you need a little (or a lot) of help from the outside.

If you need outside help, consider signing up for our waiting list. We will be accepting select new clients in the late months of 2017, on a first come, first served basis. If you'd like to be on the waitlist, you can add yourself HERE. You'll get notified via email immediately when we have a client space open. You reply, let us know you're IN, and we work together. Sweet success. And, as a thank you just for signing up, you'll get access to my 1-hour delegation training for FREE!


Now, we know we aren’t for everyone (sad, I know). But we are still here to help with this week’s new tool highlight.

I love technology. If it wasn’t for handy tools like Asana, I wouldn’t be able to do what I do. Asana is a management tool that enables teams to work together seamlessly from start to finish. You can see where each person and each project is at on the path to completion, no need to schedule a meeting or even check in with an email.

Communication between team members is easy and staying on track is even easier. Truly, Asana keeps the wheels turning over here and we couldn’t be more proud to share it with you.