The #1 Tip for Getting Your Creativity Back

This month, we are running through our late summer bucket list. (It's not over!)

This week we want you to get messy. That’s right.

Throw caution to the wind and get sticky, muddy, and sweaty. There is nothing more freeing than shaking off some of our grown-up inhibitions. Here are a few of our favorite messy activities and their benefits…that’s right benefits. Summer isn’t over yet!

For this to-do list, we are taking a look at the kids around us and taking note. Sure, they may be little germ factories but they certainly have cornered the market on messy fun. For example, nothing exudes joy like a kid with ice cream on her chin, or butter, or chocolate.

Chase down the food truck and order something that makes you happy. (We recommend grabbing that giant corn cob and letting the juice drip down your chin as you nosh.) Fire up some marshmallows and let your fingers take on the familiar stick of a gooey s’more. These are the flavors of summer and everybody knows them (and embraces them) well. You should too.

Food isn’t the only way to embrace summer (although we are all for it). How about taking off your shoes and playing barefoot in the grass? Host a game of flag football, soccer, or a Frisbee tournament. Then run until you sweat. (Bonus points for grass stains.)

When the summer showers hit, don’t slump down inside like all the other boring adults. (Yeah, we went there.) Instead, run outside and splash in those puddles like your mama always told you not to (unless there’s lightning…then cower inside with your dog). No rain? Turn on the sprinklers and scamper around until your clothes are clinging and your hair is dripping.

The water fun doesn’t stop there. Not much is better in the summer than a water party – no pool required. Set up a slip and slide and invite your friends. Or host an epic water balloon fight. These parties actually get better with age because now Jello shots and sangria are on the menu. (Yassss.)

All of these suggestions are guaranteed to put a smile on your face but may not be everyone’s cup of tea. We get it. For those who prefer their mess a little more controlled, consider a spa day. A mud bath is perfectly messy but is someone else’s mess to clean. Can we get an amen?

Or maybe just digging in the dirt in your yard is enough. Plant some flowers, take a stab at growing a container garden; we suggest tomatoes and herbs. Even just the slightest trace of dirt under your fingernails is good for your soul.

Getting in the dirt can lower your blood pressure. Letting go of some inhibition and reaching back to the messy child of the past can boost creativity and enhance your ability to imagine and problem solve.

Letting ourselves create a little mess in our otherwise tidy and organized world can help us regain some of that inspiring imagination and ability to dream big we had when we were children. It is ingrained in the mind and heart of a child to dream, play, and imagine.... (This is what we get to give back to clients as they work with us. They get TIME back to play!)

Why not get back there yourself and let your imagination soar again?!