Myth Busting #5: A Good Product is All You Need

If a good product was all you needed then there would be a lot more entrepreneurial success stories to tell. But the truth is only a few rise to the top while wonderfully inventive products and outstanding ideas lie at the bottom of the waste heap. Why? Because you need more than a good product or a good idea to be successful.

Good Ideas are Good. This is Better.

Imagine a publisher producing a book with best-seller quality without promoting it. Imagine a team of developers creating the next best app but never marketing it. Imagine a solopreneur offering incredibly inventive services to a clientele that is desperate for it but not telling anyone (or the right people) about it. Sounds crazy right? But this is what some dreamers do every day and then wonder why no one is buying and why their phone isn’t ringing.

It takes more than a good idea or a good product; it takes a massive amount of work. To have success you should be wearing your shoes out from walking into the office of every possible client. You should talk yourself hoarse from telling everyone you meet. You should type your fingers numb from online promotion.

Three Things Every Good Product Needs

A product is only as good as the marketing behind it. Educating yourself on sales principles, online marketing tools, and best practices is never a waste of time. And advertising in the right places is never a waste of money. The great thing is there is tons of research out there for dreamers like you; people with a big idea have resources literally at their fingertips to find and execute a good marketing campaign.

Then you need a good narrative. The narrative is the story you tell about yourself and why what you have to offer is so important. The narrative is the story of you; it’s the heart and soul of your business.

And, finally, you need to understand that at the other end of your product are the individuals who will or will not buy in. You need relationships so be kind, be thoughtful, see a need and then fill it with your awesomeness.

Know What You Have to Offer

A good product is a key ingredient to success, perhaps the biggest one, but you can’t build a house without a foundation. If people are going to love what you have to offer they must first know what you are offering. So, in the process of setting out on your adventure, don’t forget to share with people where you are going and then enjoy the ride!