What VAs Say About Delegating

Networking is important -- especially in your own industry. As a stellar virtual assistant, I keep pretty wonderful company. When I shared with my circle about Delegation Discovery, I also asked them for a quote each on the subject. I wanted to hear what they had to say. 

"Even if you're convinced you can't successfully delegate it, you can." - Katy Boyle
"You can do anything, but you can't do everything." - @legendsvirtual

In Delegation Discovery, you learn how to get unnecessary things you're doing off of your plate, how to stay in your zone of genius, and how to only focus on the things you love. Life after delegating looks like more time for FUN, more peace and pride in your business, and more memories made with friends and family.

"Delegate tasks that are mundane, time consuming or that you dislike doing. Ex: Travel planning. Time is money!" - Tabatha Payne
"Deciding what not to do is as important as deciding what to do." - @virtualhelpLLC
"Free Your Time. Delegate and gain the time to focus on your priorities." - Traci Lundin

Spontaneous days off without the worry of clients freaking out. Peace around deadlines and your work to meet them. Creative brainstorming time instead of just pounding out the work. It's time to tell everyone proudly about your business instead of resenting it. 

"Nothing is impossible if you can delegate." - Chauntelle McAlhany
"Learning to delegate means more time to play in the sunshine." - Lacy Cunningham
"Delegating is all about realizing your 80% can be someone else's 20%." - Aden Kensington

Through working with clients in hundreds of industries the last three years, in multiple businesses, delegating is always what turns things around. I made Delegation Discovery because clients initially suck at delegating, so I teach them. And once we hit our stride, they have a completely different relationship to business. 

"When you delegate, you give yourself more time to formulate, create, and recreate! Why wait to delegate?" -Jan Dixon
"The freedom of delegation is having the ability to put your focus where it is needed most! Try it -- you'll be addicted." - Jessi Ford
"Focus on your strengths, delegate your weaknesses!" - Megan Ford

Your problems -- skipped meals to start work, clients you are starting to hate, having no boundaries, answering email when you should be sleeping, never taking a weekend off, not communicating effectively with clients, and spinning your wheels -- all come from not delegating. Turn things around for yourself before Delegation Discovery closes!

"It's not pushing off work to someone else, but getting work that you don't need to be doing off your plate." - Cory Spittler
"Doing everything is stressful. Delegate and be successful." - Brittany Barry
"Delegate it, don't procrastinate it!" - Jami Leavell


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