Delegation is Key to Success

The most successful entrepreneurs know that delegation is key to a sustainable business.

James Altucher, who has 150,000 eager followers on twitter (and a very wide social network outside of twitter as well), says this on delegation:

    “I find that many entrepreneurs are trying to do everything when it would be cheaper and more time-efficient to delegate, even if there are monetary costs associated with that.”

Delegation is the act of passing off the non-essential responsibilities that you have. Or, more clearly, having someone else take care of the things you do not have to do, but are on your plate. When I find CEOs who are still trying to make their own social media graphics, I can clearly see that things aren’t aligned. If you are trying to do it all, all the time, you will burn out, and you’ll end up where thousands of other frustrated entrepreneurs are.

You’ll end up resenting your business.

If you’re not delegating properly, your life probably looks like waking up to an inbox full of emails from clients who don’t respect your boundaries. Life looks like being stressed before really even starting your day. It looks like skipping breakfast, to make coffee at home, just so you can get to work faster and hopefully get it all done. Life when you are not delegating looks like missing deadlines, feeling like you don’t know where to start, and wondering if you will really ever hit your stride in business. Where are all those fun moments you were supposed to have with friends and family?

Things only really change when you learn to take things that you don’t have to do off of your plate. Do you have to check your email and filter through spam, to get to the important ones? Nope. Do you have to answer email before your working hours? Nope. (Do you have actual working hours that you stick to? Probably not.) Do you have boundaries with your clients that you both respect? Probably not.

You know you need help.


Because honestly? Life after learning how to delegate is SO MUCH BETTER.


Life after delegation looks like:


  • sanity around your workload and to-do list

  • no more overwhelm

  • feeling like you can actually breathe when getting things done

  • less pressure -- more time brainstorming instead of just pounding out the work

  • a business you actually love and are confident in

  • spending more time with friends and family

  • no more apologizing

  • less hustle

  • clarity for you and your clients about your role

  • better sleep, and more of it

  • no more resenting your business, your workload, or your clients

  • more time for yourself to do things you love outside of work

  • pride in your business

  • only doing the things that totally light you up


That’s a life everyone wants to live -- and it’s possible, once you know how to delegate.


After working simultaneously in three businesses that I created over the last three years, I had to learn how to delegate effectively to my assistant, a team of writers, and other colleagues that helped to further our success. It was amazing to see the switch that happened for our businesses and team once I learned that I couldn’t do it all, and that there really was light at the end of the tunnel. Delegation is what cracked the code for me. It can for you, too.

I’m teaching you how to delegate and save your sanity through Delegation Discovery -- my signature program for struggling entrepreneurs who are starting to resent their work, business, and clients.

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