My Assistant Blew My Mind

Today I have a fun story for you about my own assistant. I got to have the moment I so often get to give to my own clients.

She set some Skype calls for me. She reached out, coordinated schedules, and listed it on my calendar. Nothing out of the ordinary.

During one of my check-in calls with my assistant, we went over my schedule for the day. I had a Skype call that afternoon, and realized I didn't know the other person's username. I mentioned it to my assistant and she said, "Oh, I added them to your Skype account already. You're friends and connected, so all you have to do is login and click their name."

I skipped a breath, and was so excited. She'd anticipated and filled in a blank. It was our first few days of working together, and I was so excited I almost screamed.

This is the first time I had the moment that I get to give to clients.

I understood what it felt like to have something just click for you. I understood from the other side what it feels like when someone takes initiative. I felt what it's like to have someone proactive on your team, anticipating for you. Giving that feeling to my clients is something I love to do.

That click in your brain that says, "this has been care of..." or, "oh my gosh, I have extra time for that?"

It's your feeling to have when you work with a VA -- and I'm so excited to help you experience that all the time.

Here are some great steps toward getting in the groove of working with a VA:

  1. Write down the things you aren't great at. These are non-negotiable tasks to delegate.

  2. Write down the things you're great at, that you don't like doing. These are the next things to delegate.

  3. Write down the things you are good at, but don't like doing.  Delegate these too.

In an ideal world, you're left with the things you want to do, that you're great at. That's your zone of genius, or your ideal zone to work in. Everything else, you should be delegating to someone else -- your virtual assistant.

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