Lift Your Mood at Work with Plants

Having a great day at work, means feeling your best, in addition to doing your best.  A full night’s sleep and a beautiful environment to work in can go a long way towards lifting your mood so you can have a great day.   A natural way to ensure a good night’s sleep and an uplifting atmosphere in your workspace is by adding plants!

Plants are a beautiful way to bring the outdoors in, and to liven up your desk or to bring serenity to your bedroom.  Here are some of the most popular plants that are known to improve air quality, boost your mood, and our favorite thing at the CMVA Team, improve productivity.

The Best Plants for your Bedroom

We live in a high-tech world with pressure in our daily lives. Our day-to-day reality involves big chunks of time spent staring at our phones and laptops. In the evenings and on weekends, it’s not unusual to crave a Social Media hiatus. These gorgeous plants will help you turn your bedroom into an oasis.

English Ivy




Snake Plant

Bamboo plant

The Best Plants for your Office

It’s evident that cultural trends are swinging towards the low-tech to compensate for mental overload. Many of us seek more and more ways to connect with nature, whether that means going outside in the middle of the day for a nature hike, or furnishing our home and office with natural materials like leather, seagrass, wool and burlap. You can see this naturalist trend in the all of the gorgeous natural textures and variations in materials being used in all styles from Traditional to Modern layouts.  Check out these on trend plants for your office or living room:

Snake Plant

Golden Pothos

Spider plant

Dwarf Banana

Peace Lily

Aloe Vera

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