The Guaranteed Method for Providing Excellent Service

Earlier this month we started sharing about our core values at Team CMVA… you know, the catalyst for how we operate on a daily basis…our soul, if you will. Our core values aren’t anything revolutionary. In fact, they are quite simple. Maybe that’s why they work. We round this out with our fourth and final core value.

Core Value 4
Be of Service - We consistently and constantly anticipate needs, desires, and nice-to-haves from our clients. We do everything in our power, within our boundaries, to be of service to our clients, and to each other. 

The reasons we strive to be of service to our clients is obvious – it’s our job, we like what we do, and we love our clients. But the “how” of service is probably what matters most. How do we provide excellent service?

We do everything in our power, within our boundaries, to be of service to our clients in a number of ways.

1. We Listen Well
We know that sometimes what the client describes is not really what they need. We have to listen well to know the difference.

2. We Communicate
We never leave our clients waiting or wondering. Think about it, sitting at the airport waiting to board your plane while the departure time comes and goes is awful enough. But what’s worse? When the airline doesn’t tell you “why” it’s delayed or “when” they expect to get you on your way. Communication doesn’t just happen at the beginning; it continues while the work is happening and that’s just as, or perhaps more, important.

3. We Go the Extra Mile
Service is not just about executing a line item on the to-do list; it’s doing more. The extra mile is like getting that extra shot of espresso in your caramel and coconut milk latte from the barista just because. Sometimes it’s picking up the telephone instead of just sending an email. 

4. We Put Ourselves in Their Shoes
Putting ourselves in the clients’ shoes doesn’t take genius; it takes compassion, understanding, and relationship. These three things are what we try to embody as we serve our clients. In fact, you can’t be of service to a client without having compassion for their needs, understanding of the big picture, and a relationship that allows you to get to the heart of their concerns. When these things combine, we can walk in the footsteps of our clients and provide, not just service, but exceptional service.

5. We Work Extremely Hard
This seems like a no-brainer, amiright? We work hard. Period. Without effort, and sometimes gear-grinding effort, the work we promise won’t get done. The clients won’t be happy. And we won’t have a job. We sacrifice, we persevere, and we work it well.

But you wanna know the best part? We don’t limit our service to our clients. Nope, not us. We strive to serve one another. With all the same principles listed above, we are able to listen well, communicate effectively, go the extra mile, put ourselves in each other’s shoes, and work it like nobody’s business.  Because really, if we can’t serve each other, we can’t serve our clients.