6 Morning Rituals of a #girlboss

by Sarah Tudor, CMVA Team

There’s a lot of interest in what famous CEOs do in the morning. The habits of wildly successful people can range anywhere from the practical (think Steve Job’s black turtleneck uniform) to the eccentric (icebaths and beds of nails.)  We at the CMVA team are most interested in uncovering the secret tricks of the #girlboss. How does she juggle it all and still look so put together, all the while staying calm under pressure?

We found that looking and feeling amazing while running the show doesn’t happen by magic alone; although magic helps. Using our own favorite #girlboss as inspiration (oh hey, Charissa!) we found a few things to share. The secrets?  Planning, consistency, and a touch of genius. See Charissa’s full morning routine here.

Here are some #girlboss secrets to get your mornings started off right so you can feel more collected throughout your day.

But First Coffee- Whether it be your favorite mug of coffee, a bright cheery cup of earl gray tea, or the celebrity favorite--a glass of warm water with lemon, take a moment to wake up and collect your thoughts free from distraction.  This is consistently listed as a must by successful women.  

This is the perfect time for some “me time” in meditation, or to take time to pray or cultivate your spiritual practice. Try to talk to yourself in a positive manner. Get your head clear and your mood relaxed, so you can be in a positive mental space to begin your day.

Fit in a Workout- This is a tough one.  When the alarm goes off for your workout, don’t hit snooze. What?! I know! BUT it’s one of the things successful women avoid. Hitting snooze can actually make you sleepier according to an article I read on Byrdie.  Instead, have your coffee, your "me" time, then throw on those shoes and go!  If you’re like me and you need help, try one of these wake up lights.

Make yourself a simple, nourishing breakfast-  Don’t skip breakfast in the interest of time.  Your body will thank you.  All high power gals, stop to fuel up post workout. Kathryn Power, #bosslady and founder of Clique Media, told Self Magazine she goes for “one egg on a piece of toast and some avocado.”

Prep the Night Before- Eliminate morning wardrobe decisions, by selecting that navy blazer and red lipstick (Charissa’s fave) the night before.  That way you can be pulled together with minimal primping, while still looking fresh.  If you leave the house to exercise, prepare your gym bag the night before too. And...don’t forget to pack your lunch the night before.

Connect- Make time to connect with your loved ones.  This could be chatting with your significant other over coffee, taking your dog on a walk, or singing with your kids in the car.  Keep your phone on silent until you’ve made these connections. The distractions of social media and text messages can delay your morning. Wait until you're dressed and focused to check in with work.

Dial In- Now that you're ready to take on the day, you can do that quick email check!  If you're not at your desk though, try not to get sucked into opening attachments or unpacking issues that require a deeper solve. Put those on a sky hook for a bit later.  

So, grab that second cup of coffee and get to work.  You’ve got this.

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