Melt Away Stress By Automating Your Life

If you're not utilizing technology to automate your life, you're missing out. Big time. Automation provides quick and easy solutions to give you more time and freedom to do the things you want to be doing. Instead of staring at your phone ordering products or organizing calendars, you'll have more quality time to spend with family or friends. Or perhaps you'd like to catch up on some extra zzz's or hit up the gym? You can do anything else your heart desires with all the extra free time you'll have.

There's so many great automation apps and products out there ready to help organize and simplify your life. It's time you take advantage of them, and we're here to help you do just that! Let's dive in deeper.

Home Automation

Smart home systems are all the rage these days. Alexa has become a widely known household name which refers to the robot name of the Amazon Echo. The Echo can produce news stories, turn on lights, adjust temperatures, play music, tell jokes, create grocery lists, reorder products via Amazon with simply a voice request, and much more. If you're the person running to Target at 10pm every month to buy toothpaste or dog food, using their awesome subscription service will guarantee you never run out of your favorite essential products. It's only going to get better when Amazon launches its drone delivery service (coming soon). The Echo is truly a nifty little unit to have in your home.

Another amazing home automation product is the robotic vacuum cleaner - I have a Neato D3 Robot and I adore it. Who enjoys sweeping crumbs on the daily? Or vacuuming every week? Let the robot do it for you as it simply glides along carpets and hard floors cleaning up your toddler's cracker crumbs and Fido's hair. Bonus points: it has a laser, which tells it to not fall down stairs, run over your pup, or eat your toes. It also maps your house and remembers where it left off when it’s charging in the middle of cleaning the house. Brilliant.

A newer up-and-coming phenomenon are robots that can fold your laundry. Score! Delegating mundane housework to a robot will save you frustration and time. We’ve got a post coming on how I automated my laundry… a week’s worth of clothes and sheets takes me 4 minutes. Yep.

Catch some extra zzz's by automating your coffee routine every morning. There are plenty of automated and Wi-Fi enabled coffee maker models on the market today. Use your smartphone to set a timer for the morning or prompt a fresh brew to start from the comfort of your bed. You'll thank me later.

Workplace Automation

If you're looking to automate your business, the Workflow app will quickly become your favorite tool. With more than 200 commands available it was named App Store Best of 2015. From managing calendars, contacts, maps, social media accounts, music, photos, and more, you can efficiently streamline many processes into one convenient app. Plus, it works on the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. Certainly a jack-of-all-trades tool for any business! I use this every single day.

Detox your desktop with ease. Clean, is a program that will de-clutter your Mac's desktop daily or weekly. If you have an insane amount of random documents floating around, or old images taking up valuable space, Clean will organize your files automatically and place them in a safe place. They will be out of your way until you need them or deleted, leaving you with a stress-free desktop. I use it to clean my desktop every single day, so that I’m always starting the day with a fresh digital workspace.

If you consistently run out of printer ink, HP Smart offers WiFi enabled printers that order your ink automatically when you’re running low. This means you never run out of ink, and you never have to remember which color or model cartridges to buy. The printer in my home office is one of these and I’m obsessed. The ink shows up a week before I run out (they know how much you print), so I’m never without ink. With my assistant and I both using my printer, it’s nice that neither of us have to worry about this. Your first month of ink service is free if you click here.

Save Money

Yes! You read that right, automation can fatten your wallet too. Cellfire is a very easy to use app that gives you coupons based on which store you're in. Simply select them and add them to your store's loyalty card. Swipe and save! Other programs like Honey, automatically search the internet for coupons while you're online shopping. This integrated system is a no brainer when it comes to saving money.

Health Benefits

Eating healthy doesn't have to be a challenge. Thanks to an app called EatThisMuch, your days of counting calories are over, as it automates and manages your diet for you. Based on your health or weight loss goals, the app generates your own personal grocery lists and tells you exactly which items to pick up at the store! If you have an assistant you can export your meal to Instacart, and then have it delivered straight to your door.

Meal subscription services such as Purple Carrot can erase the dreaded grocery store days for good. These services provide quality fresh ingredients and recipes you need for dinner delivered to your doorstep weekly. Get $25 off of your next Purple Carrot order by clicking here!

So, what are you waiting for? Give some of these apps and products a try to see just how much more simple life can be when you automate your daily tasks. After all, there's just 24 hours in a day, and you shouldn't have to waste a minute of it!