10 Calendar Organization Apps We Just Love

We think a calendar app created to simplify and organize your life should be a little more pretty, exciting, and functional than the stock calendar app that comes with your smart phone. Luckily, numerous app makers thought so too.

What Makes a Good Calendar App?

Since you probably didn't schedule calendar app research into your calendar, we'll streamline your quest by outlining the criteria for determining what makes a calendar organization app lovable.

  • Easy and Fast Appointment Viewing. A calendar app doesn't provide a whole lot of value if finding your appointments takes as much time as scheduling the appointment. A good calendar app allows multiple viewing and sorting options so you can visualize the schedule how you want to.

  • Easy and Fast for Adding Events. Nothing screams unprofessional like encountering roadblocks to scheduling an appointment, forgetting the information, and having to ask again as your fingers fumble to input. And even if you're not scheduling something ultra-official, it's still annoying when you can't figure out how to add your daughter's birthday party to your calendar app without having to write it down on a napkin first.

  • Compatibility with Necessary Services. Sometimes you need to look at your calendar on a device that's not your phone. You need to make sure it syncs smoothly with Google, iCloud, Exchange or whatever service you prefer.

10 Calendar Organization Apps We Love

Fantastical - $4.99. There is no name deception here. Scheduling is easy with Fantastical's natural language feature. Different views allow for simple reminder and event reviews. You can quickly call, text, or email other event participants, set time alerts and reminders, and send birthday wishes via social media. Fantastical is available for iOS devices.

Calendars 5 - $6.99. Available for iOS devices, Calendars 5 rivals Fantastical for awesomeness. Calendars 5 favored features include natural language input, an easy to use task manager, event focused interface, multiple event views, and standard calendar features you already love, such as custom recurring event reminders, custom alerts, invitation sending, and more.

Horizon - $1.99. Available on iOS devices, Horizon adds a couple innovations to your schedule with change in weather notifications, and Smart Search, which allows you to quickly find time in your schedule, and Travel Time, which allows you a quick look at traffic as it relates to your schedule.

Tiny Calendar - Free-$7.99. Those who need a simple alternative for their Android or iOS device will find Tiny Calendar a useful addition. The free version of the app allows you to work offline, sync edits and information across devices, view multiple layouts, and create reminders through push notifications or via email. GPS functionality let's you add specific locations to events automatically.

Google Calendar - Free. Google Calendar forms the foundation for many Android calendar services. It also does a great job as a stand alone calendar app. It's packed with features, views, and integrates with Gmail and other Google features. Android users are no doubt familiar with Google Calendar. It can also be downloaded for iOS devices.

Accompany - Free. This free iOS calendar app acts as your work personal assistant. Sign up for the service with your work email account and the app assembles detailed information on participants in upcoming events. You can look up communications you've had with contacts, their social media posts, or news stories featuring them. You'll also have access to company profiles, financial reports, and news that will make you the most prepared attendee at your next business meeting.

Shift.Cal - Free. This Android calendar app works great for those with irregular work schedules. Shift.Cal helps you manage shifts and track hours. Users can set alarms for scheduled shifts, view them, and back them up to external storage. Of course, you don't have to be an employee to take advantage of Shift's features. Entrepreneurs who schedule their work hours around life may also find these features useful.

Informant 5 - Free. Available for Android and iOS devices, Informant 5 is a multi-purpose calendar, tasks, and notes management app. Informant's natural language feature makes scheduling events and creating tasks easy. Those who travel will find Informant's travel assistant timezone feature useful.

My Study Life. Free. The proliferation of calendar apps have made schedule specialization simpler than ever. The My Study Life calendar app, available for Android or iOS, is geared toward students (and parents of students). Academic features include a homework tracker, a calendar with color-coded events, a class schedule manager, and notifications.

Timepage. $4.99. Timepage, available on iOS devices, provides clean calendar views and easy event creation. In addition to standard calendar views, Timepage features a heat map that lets you get an overview of which days are most and least busy.

There's no one-size-fits-all calendar, but there's a good chance one of these calendar apps will fit your time management needs.