Myth Busting #4: You Will Always Be in Complete Control

So you’re a solopreneur, a lone-wolf small business owner, an entrepreneurial virtual assistant (or at least dreaming about being one) because you are tired of working for someone else. Perhaps you feel the itch of doing your own thing and playing by your own rules and running your own schedule.

Of course you do! Most of us in the solo, freelance, or small business world have such aspirations – making our own schedule landing at the top of the list. But if you think this lone wolf venture will grant you the ability to always be in complete control of your life and your schedule, then you have bought into another myth.

If You're Always in Control, You Aren't Doing it Right

The control myth tricks almost every one of us at one time or another. And while it is that true our working world allows for more control than the average person on any given day, it also comes with a lot more unpredictability. And unpredictability is, well, unpredictable. And unpredictable means that at times we will lack control. In moments of client crisis, we are the ones to answer the call; we are the ones to drop everything and come to the rescue.

Unpredictability isn’t the only thing that throws a wrench in the control myth. Our ability to maintain complete control is simply limited because we still work for someone. Yes, by definition, we work for ourselves; however in actuality we work for our clients and our customers. Their needs and expectations matter and to meet their needs and expectations, we work hard. Real hard. And sometimes that real hard work happens when we hadn’t planned on it.

Embrace the Unpredictability

Yes, our business certainly has moments that are well beyond our control; however, we love this life where we make our schedule, decide our vacation days, and don’t worry when our lunch run turns into an impromptu two hour stroll through the park…or a nap (we don’t judge).

Even if it means we lose control of our carefully laid schedule for a while, we don’t hesitate to embrace the unpredictability and the needs of our clients because this is what we love. We love choosing Wednesdays as our days to sleep in, just because we can. We also love answering the sudden calls of our clients because this is the solopreneurial life. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.