An assistant should be someone you can trust.

It means a lot to hire a virtual assistant -- this will be someone who has an integral part in your work and life balance, potentially your family life, and your personal information. It's important to trust the person you choose as your virtual assistant. It's like getting to choose your administrative brain, and it's a choice that must be taken seriously. It's why I work with select clients. 

Who is Charissa?

Charissa -- that's car-is-suh -- Moore, and I'm based in the cactus-filled desert of Phoenix, Arizona. I'm in my late twenties, an administrative support junkie that loves transitioning other people's lives from chaos to calm. (Seriously, I collect calendar functionality apps in my spare time.) I first started in the administrative realm after having launched three successful businesses, running them all simultaneously without a hitch.

After over a year of building my own VA business and working with clients full-time, I made the decision to expand my team, and therefore help more busy people manage their lives. I am so proud of how we are growing, helping so many busy entrepreneurs, and working hard as a team. 

It’s amazing because as soon as I think of something that needs to be ordered, or emailed, or called on, I pop it into Asana and I know Charissa will take care of it. I don’t have to hold onto so many tasks throughout the day.
— Marilyn B, Pediatric Dentist and Mom of 2


The strangest task ever delegated from a client: finding a life-size Chewbacca cardboard cutout for a bachelor party. The photos we got back? Incredible. 
The most fun trip ever planned: a 14-city European trek for a client and his fiancé. Prague, Paris, Rome, Venice, Ibiza... so many amazing places!
The best feedback ever gotten: a client told us that we deserved a lifetime supply of chocolate after coming through for her. That's a perk we are definitely okay with. 
Why virtual assisting? We love being able to feel free in our lives -- just like you do. And being able to help organize our clients' lives, work schedules, travel, kids, social engagements, and other important facets from wherever there's WiFi... well, it just lights us up! We adore being able to be remote. Not only can we serve people all over the United States, but you save money -- virtual is much cheaper than bringing someone in-house -- and we can pretty much do all the same things. 


What do you do with my sensitive info like credit cards? Everything is stored in an encrypted folder, through 1Password. Their company is incredible, and uses bank-level security to keep your information safe. I have my own information through 1Password too -- I trust it. This is where we save your Amazon password, your kids' school login information, and your passwords to your favorite gift sites, so that we can order them for you. 
How do you use my time so efficiently? We are productivity and efficiency junkies. Color coding calendars is a second language to us. And we're really, really great at getting your personal and work lives to play together nicely -- and isn't it about time they did? Bottom line: we love making lives easier. 

Charissa is incredible at reading my mind — the tasks I want to delegate she’s already thought of and started on. My business hasn’t been the same since she started.
— David S, Marketing Coach